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JBS Instruments offers a number of useful accessories for the AquaCalc and AquaCount models.

Mounting Accessories

Rod Adaptor

This aluminum bracket, used with a Rod Mount, allows your AquaCalc to be mounted on the top-set rod just above the handle. This places the AquaCalc in an optimal viewing position. Requires wading rod disassembly. Instructions are included. RHRA-1


Meter/Audio Cable

(Combination meter and headset cable)

If you want to monitor the meter signal while using your AquaCalc, this convenient combination cable connects your headset to the meter. Please specifiy phone type or two-prong connector. AQCC-1


Pygmy Magnetic Head

This retrofit has been designed to replace the “cat whiskers” that come standard on a Pygmy current meter.

The sensing components of the Pymy MagHead are made with solid-state technology, with no mechanical parts to maintain, wear out, or break. PMMH

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Rod Mount

The Rod Mount allows your AquaCalc to be mounted to the top-set rod, leaving one hand free. With a Rod Mount, your AquaCalc or AquaCount can pivot up and down for the optimum viewing angle. Requires disassembling the AquaCalc case. Instructions are included. AQRM-1


Phone Jack Conversion for Wading Rods

This machined brass connector replaces two-prong connectors for consistently reliable operation. Requires wading rod disassembly. Instructions included. RHPJ-1


Magnet/Reed Switch Head

This magnetic head replaces whisker hair systems for a more precise meter signal. It’s a simple and inexpensive conversion for greater reliability. No special tools required. instructions included. RHMH-1

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